In my opinion, to be truly well you MUST consider your options and take responsibility for your own health. And that means doing your research and being brave….  and you have to be brave…​in my opinion.

Whilst conventional medicine is amaaaazing at dealing with “critical” care, it is not skilled to handle chronic conditions. This is a very personal case study.   

We took a holiday to Italy with very dear friends we hadn’t seen in years a while back. And whilst we all know that my daughter can’t eat gluten. – it makes her really sick –  she decided to ignore what she knows to be true and enjoyed croissants and bread. “THEY TASTE SO GOOD MUM”….. “Please don’t” I said with growing dread.  (Please, for those who want to tell me “I shouldn’t have let her”… please, no judgement. I would guess I have said more “no’s” as a parent than most I know). 

Here’s the thing. 

We’ve been down this path before… I knew what was coming. Sure enough. She was flattened upon our return to the UK. …she wasn’t right for months with one illness after another until she ended up in bed exhausted, stomach cramps, headaches, bleary eyed and completely drained.

What do you know about your health / dis-ease. That voice that tells you what’s making you ill……???

We saw many Doctors including a very well respected Paediatric Consultant. The latter met my sick bub when she was at her lowest. And was very concerned. She endured various blood tests, ultrasounds, stool test (don’t tell her I told you that..!), urine tests…even an MRI… she’s endured it all mainly to appease those around me who played the “what if you are wrong card”. I stopped short of accepting the suggestion of a colonoscopy and biopsy.

In the background, however, I “had to do something”. I supported her body with a careful selection of foods and supplements, like probiotics, to see her strength inch back…

I am a Health Coach. Holistically trained, with a “functional” insight as well as years of other study. But I was exhausted. And I needed help to get her back to full strength.

SO as well as following what I know to be true support of her body I took my darling girl to a range of alternative practitioners.

Our kinesiologist tested and found a raft of things going on in my daughter’s body in response to the gluten attack.  She prescribed a careful selection of vitamins, minerals and other natural supplements.

Fast forward several weeks of my daughter resting and ingesting the above cocktail of natural support and “our food” (which is just “real” food – that suits her body) and we returned to the afore mentioned consultant. He did his best to convince my daughter that the homeopathic support wasn’t the cause of her feeling, looking and being so much better. “The things that Mummy gave you didn’t really make you better did they?”. My girl is brave and strong. She simply replied “Yes, they did actually”.  He was openly admiring of the improvement in my daughter. “She is so well” looking incredulously at her. “And I didn’t do a thing”…….

Doctors today are SO time poor. They are also trained (from day 1) to believe in the power they have over your health. THEY are responsible for YOUR health. “Diagnose and prescribe”. Most have little or no training in diet and lifestyle and rarely ask “why” is this condition appearing let alone attempting to heal it. Pills do not “heal”.

I put it to you that YOU are responsible for your health. You know your body better than anyone else in the world. And as a mum, you know your child’s body better than anyone else in the world. 

This is about you taking control of your health. Ask questions. Do your own research. “Know” your illness.  If you do not, you are simply handing the responsibility for your health to someone else.. That in my opinion is lazy. Yes, ok, send the abuse….

My world turned upside down about 12 years ago when I asked a GP of my daughter’s asthma  “but what causes it?” With a slight scoff and a flamboyant wave of a hand, the response of “it’s environmental and it’s her lot, give her the medicine and she’ll be fine ” did not cut it. I have since discovered it was BS. 

NO WAY was I just going to fill her pure little body with pills that had hundreds of known side-effects. I HAD TO FIND ANOTHER WAY. And I did. 

I say this not to pat myself on the back. I say this to encourage you. I did it. You can too. You are wiser than you know or pretend not to be.

Illness always has a cause. Our bodies don’t “make mistakes”. It MIGHT be “genetics” but guess what …yes, you may have a pre-disposition for a certain gene expression / illness. But there is now scientific evidence  that supports the facts that diet and lifestyle can affect what genes are expressed and when. Google “Nutrigenomics”. Get ready to have a major “excuse” blown out of the water though…so you’ve gotta be brave….

Consider your options. Think big. Wonder why. 

To heal dis-ease – not just treat the symptoms – we must first understand from whence it came.

This is your life. This is your health. It’s likely you know what you do and don’t do to bring on dis-ease in the body. “Symptoms” suffered are just your body saying it’s not happy. Please, work “with” your chosen practitioner.  Don’t be afraid to do your own research. Don’t be afraid to ask (loads) of questions.

Take back the power and responsibility for your health.

There is a realm of holistically focussed practitioners who are focussed on finding the root cause and helping you be well again – for real. We want desperately to work WITH Doctors in getting you well. We firmly believe that there are too many pills prescribed rather than offering up some truths and handing the responsibly of your health back to you… and lifestyle is very often the starting point to reclaiming health, whether you like it or not. It’s not always the “easy path” but for many, it is the one that leads to “healing” and being well.

So, you can find an excuse, hand the responsibility of your health to your GP and continue to take the pills to mask symptoms you suffer.

Or you can take responsibility for your health. 

Consider your options and be brave…

And find another way.

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