Thank you for clicking through to have a read today. I aim to make your time a worthwhile investment in your health and vitality!

Let me ask you some questions:

How much do the scales say you weigh? (I hate that question…& promise to never ask it again…) Yup, most will know that number…

How tall are you? Yup – another easy one.

What’s your resting heart rate? Getting harder to answer…

What is your waist measurement? OK, that’s stopped more than a few…

I’m a health & vitality coach so my job is to help you get healthy/er! The 1st two of these measurements are our society’s main focus. Most of you will know your own numbers….I don’t much care about them other than as indicators – or symptoms….

My focus, on the other hand, is the 3rd & 4th.

So, I’ll wait….go and find a tape measure…

Right, wind it around your middle. What’s your waist measurement? Didn’t hear you. Say it out loud…

OK, some facts for you to consider..

This measurement helps me understand where in the body your “energy” (ok, fat) is being stored. The details look like this:

A waist circumference of 94 cm or more for men and 80 cm or more for women is commonly used as an indicator of increased risk of obesity-related health problems. So, heart-disease, diabetes type 2 and others…

If the measurements get to 102 cm or more for men and 88 cm or more for women it is said to be indicative of substantially increased risks  – these statistics are from but repeated everywhere if you need more evidence!

Thus, “Officially” the bigger your waist measurement, the more you are at risk of some serious illness striking….

So, how are your “numbers” looking???

Are they steady…or are they growing??? Compare them to 5 years ago… If you are growing, where will you be in another 5 years if you change nothing?

Is it time to do something positive and get numbers 3 & 4 down? And #1 will drop too! (You’re stuck with #2 until age decreases it!)

Whilst you might be worried about having to buy clothing in ever-increasing sizes, I am concerned for your long-term health.

What are you waiting for?

What signal/s is your body giving you to take better care of you? Are you suffering an auto-immune disease? Cravings? Poor sleep. Brain fog? Painful periods? Mood swings? Diabetes? High blood pressure? Asthma getting worse? The list goes on…

What else does your body have to suffer before you REALLY take some care of it?

I and my Health Coaching cohorts are here to help you create your own path back to health. Diet and modifications can have such a powerful impact on your well-being and that is exactly what we are trained to help you with.

Are you ready to redefine what’s important and get you feeling Fabulous again?

What are you weighing for?

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