THE most asked question… “how are you?” I ask it lots. And I’ll share the most common responses: “busy, busy, busy”… or…”fine”…But let’s look at those busies…..

Why three busies? Isn’t one enough?

Eeeeveryone is “busy” and it seems the more the better! It’s lorded and used way too often. If you’re “not”, then what (the hell) are you doing with your life? Right? No! I’m here to tell you that “busy, busy, busy” is BS! WHY do we all need to be so darn BUSY! WHY do we fill our lives so much that there is not a moment to breathe on any given day? In my experience it’s making us sick. AND it’s setting our energies up to “be full and out of control”….

“busy busy busy” reminds our souls to be just that… like a whirling dervish. It’s also contributing to a “disconnection” – between and within! Between people and within people…

It keeps us in a para-sympathetic state of “fight or flight” which was designed to get us away from tigers! It’s meant to be a short-term state that is followed with “rest and digest” (and procreate as it happens….) …on that, if you are looking to start a family, here’s a tip – make some time for you. Find time to calm right down and nurture and nourish you… get out of fighting and flying and get into resting mode.  It’s when we heal, regenerate and balance our everythings! This simple consciousness helps to ease the cortisol load and heal hormonal imbalances. But it’s not just for those who are contemplating creating a new life; it’s also for those of us who are trying to create a new life! 😉

HONOUR YOU is something I say often, not just because it sounds powerful. It is imperative for our health and well-being. Seriously! We. Must. Rest.

So, here I am to be controversial (as ever…)…  The next time someone asks “how are you?”, pause and really check in with yourself. HOW. ARE. YOU?

Let us all start a movement of “re-connection”… I encourage you to move beyond “busy busy busy”, “tired”, “happy”, “ok”, “fine”… Let us start a movement to give more respect to that simple question and use it to re-affirm how we’d LIKE to be… so how’s about “Actually, whilst I started the day feeling a bit tired, I used some great breathing techniques, did a bit of stretching and have enjoyed wholesome foods to pick my energy up”… (NO! You mustn’t laugh! I’m serious!).

It will

  • reaffirm your energies are up – wahoo! THAT’s a great thing! Remember think, say, do, be…
  • encourage the “asker of question” to pause and reflect upon how they REALLY are …
  • Create a connection and perhaps a REAL conversation


  • have them think you’re a bit odd!! … no, wait!

Seriously, the thing is, why not check in with you? Why just flip back “busy busy busy” (and feed that stupid “I must be busy to justify my very existence” philosophy)…

Other fab options for you to consider: “I’m AWESOME”. “I’m brilliant”. “I’m booking in a day of rest”. Just wait for the response you get to THAT! DAY OF REST!!!! Noooooooooo !!! THAT’S not allowed!!!


So, here’s the thing; WHO are you responding to when you offer up “busy busy busy”? and WHAT is it going to take to have you see that it’s not a long term strategy?

Your health depends on a balance that includes good nutrition choices, regular exercise, consistent and sound sleep, connection of the heart, a soulful contribution to the world AND radical self love. For health’s sake, you MUST stop thinking, saying, being, doing “busy, busy, busy”.
And make regular time just for you.

Look at what is filling your life so much to make you think you must always be on the run. What’s missing?

Find ways to modify the every day to include rest and down time. And things that you love to do. For real.

For Real Health. For Real Vitality. For Real Love. For Real enjoyment of life. For Real Longevity.
Do we have a deal?

Please drop me a line to let me know if I’ve struck a chord and what you’ve decided to do to tweak your routine to step off the crazy-go-round and take some care of you.

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