About Me

I’m Simone, crazy passionate Health and Confidence Coach focussed on inspiring and igniting your health and happiness. I help busy women who feel overwhelmed by their constant juggle and its’ knock-on effect on their health and confidence who have decided “enough!”. I support them to find their path of least resistance to reclaim their well-being, energy, enthusiasm and vitality. 

Having escaped 20-years of a cut-throat corporate world, I understand first-hand how the pressure of that world can worm its way into all aspects of life. I translate my insights, experience and education into comprehensively supporting my clients to understand what (the hell) is going on that they have lost control of their well-being, press pause and then educate and empower them to take amazing care of themselves. 

Like many I juggle a few roles: As well as being a well-preneur, I’m a Mum and a wife . I know it takes attention to the fundamentals to ensure I am physically and mentally capable of not just managing all on my plate, but enjoying it.

I love my morning smoothie. And I love cake too. Sometimes I run and dance. Other times my movement is yoga. Getting the most out of ourselves takes balance and an understanding of the effects of our choices on our well-being. 

I give wholly and passionately to my clients and am super focussed on being their Health-enabler, Hope-Finder and “You-Can”-Reminder! I love to see my clients move beyond “fine”, watch as their eyes sparkle again and they understand first-hand how to Live, Look and Feel Fabulous! 


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Phone: +61 (0) 429 478 381

Business Hours: 8a-6:30p M-F, 9a-2p S

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