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Optimising Health

Throughout my coaching – and infact my world – I talk about the quality of the food you eat. This is not just about whether it is whole or junk food. Of course for real health we all must minimise the “junk” in our lives! Focussing now on real food, I encourage all I know to make daily choices to reclaim and sustain the optimum health of every cell in your body by choosing organic produce wherever possible.  If it’s not possible to eat purely organic produce the following lists make it easier to narrow down which goods are most heavily sprayed with pesticides, herbicides and fungicides, poisons that can do now good in your body! 

Using the “Clean 15” list and the “Dirty Dozen” helps you make the decisions-making process easier. 

“Dirty Dozen”: These are the fruit and vegetables that, if you can only buy a few each week, you are best to focus on as they are shown to be the items most heavily sprayed by commercial growers – in order to meet demand as well as produce “perfect” goods.

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“Clean 15”: These are the fruit and veg that are shown to be least sprayed so are the better ones to buy if you have to choose which ones to buy from conventional farms.

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