Private Coaching

I work with Business Professionals for whom stress has stripped the joy out of their world, their health has slipped and energy and confidence have dipped with the struggle to balance work/life pressures. They are “fine”…

Is that you? 

With regularly scheduled sessions, agreed next steps and a process of gentle accountability, I help you get crystal clear on what (the heck is) going on, what options are available to turn it all around and then get you moving towards your goals. Powerful, yet simple steps, designed specifically for you, within a transformation framework: Real Health, Made Simple.

​Employing my SHINE Fundamentals – the framework you can use for life – you will unlock untapped energy, enjoy renewed confidence and step into your own re-awakened power. With them you will regain clarity, reclaim health and re-balance weight naturally so that “fine” is transformed so that you Live, Look and Feel Fabulous.

Gaining Clarity

Before real success is possible we must be crystal clear about what that success actually looks like. So before diving into a Programme I offer you a Clarity Call where you outline your concerns and define what you’d like your reality to be. It’s all about you!  These calls are complimentary, held over zoom or skype and are up to 45 minutes. 

Choosing Health

When you enlist my help as your health coach you have me standing right beside you, willing your success, guiding, supporting and encouraging your every step. Depending on the the Programme we have weekly or fortnightly hour-long sessions that give you the tools to reshape your health, happiness and even your world! 

My focus is your well-being – mind, body and spirit.


Private Coaching Options

Health Reset Call

For those considering engaging a coach and/or already on a campaign to improve their health and who need some insight into options available to increase the return on their efforts. 

Using skype or zoom we have a virtual cuppa and unearth three key changes for you to reset your health and get closer to your goals.

These 90-minute calls can be general in nature or they can focus on health issues such as 

  • Mastering Sleep
  • Movement to suit you
  • Fostering a Power Mindset

90 minutes to help you get clear about how best to help you! 

Health Foundations

6-weeks in which you gain insight into Health fundamentals to move you from exhaustion to living with energy and vitality.

  • 6 x Weekly 1 hour coaching calls,
  •  Session notes 
  •  Mail support 
  •  A meal-plan that we create together to suit your needs and lifestyle
  •  “Come shopping with me.”  Demystify the supermarket aisles! (even virtually)
  •  Me! My contagious enthusiasm, my unyielding belief in you, my determination and “can do” attitude and whatever it takes to get you to your goals.

Ready to Feel Alive again?


Burnout to Balance

For when “busy busy busy” is finally too much, your health is suffering, mind-set skewiff, you’re shattered and you don’t know where to turn. Let’s unearth what’s getting in your way of feeling fabulous, what needs to change and how you can integrate those changes into your life. In six months we share:

  • Bi-weekly 1-hour calls 
  • Session notes
  • 3 emergency 15-minute calls if needed
  • Email support between sessions
  • A pantry de-clutter – to empower your next shop!
  • Guides, cheat sheets and success plans to counter every hurdle
  • My contagious belief in You

Find your Balance again.

Seasonal Whole-Food Cleanse

Learn the secret to losing weight accidentally!

By clearing away toxins that accumulate as a part of our modern life, you can slim down and feel lighter and brighter… as a “side-effect” of your lifestyle!

     Reboot your digestion, support the detoxification process so your moods, sleep and weight all re-balance naturally. 

My Whole Foods Program will help you:

  Kick your sugar cravings
 Reboot your metabolism
 Improve sleep quality
 Give your skin and hair a radiant glow
 Improve digestion
 Get you back to feeling well again
  Support accidental weight loss…!


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