Corporate & Workplace Wellness

In our “always on” 21st Century business environment, the effects of stress are increasingly becoming a major issue for businesses in all sectors. The acronym “VUCA” is associated with current employment environments pointing to its volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. With this in play human resource stress and “burnout” contributes to higher staff turnover levels, loss of business IP, increased hiring and training costs all of which can have a profound impact on day-to-day operations as well as impacting a business’ bottom line. To deal with stress and all associated elements of the health and well-being of you workforce requires targeted attention and qualified guidance.

With genuine focus and support to improve physical and mental well-being a business will enjoy improved productivity, reduced stress and sick leave and associated costs, improved teamwork and morale with greater clarity of thinking and potentially higher retention rates.  Your people are the key to your success.

Corporate Clarity

As with my private coaching process, the very first step of creating a structured and appropriate session – be it a “lunch ‘n’ learn” session, workshop or whole wellness programme – for your business is to gain a deep understanding of the needs in your business. What are your observations? And what changes would you like to see? I can then fully customise my package to meet the needs of your business. 

Supporting Transformation

My focus is optimising the uptake of valuable skills and tools so your people are better prepared to implement healthier practices in the workplace. Thus, no matter whether I am called upon to present at a conference, add an injection of health-information to a workplace gathering or run a programme to support your wellness initiative, my presentations are always interactive, thought-provoking and empowering! 

Workplace Coaching Options

Give your team the know-how to manage their health and well being –  for their own and for your businesses sake. My shYne Guidelines provide sensible health information and options that are immediately actionable and can have a profound, positive and long-lasting impact on health and well-being.

Specific topics that are powerful in supporting your people include:

  • Stress – how to know it and beat it where I share information and breathing techniques that helps you overcome the tightening grip of stress.
  • Confidence – Overcome Impostor Syndrome to truly be your best. With a focus on understanding language and the power it has over our minds and bodies and then sharing tools to build a genuinely strong and positive mindset
  • Master mornings for dynamic days – How 15 minutes a day can change your life!
  • Healthy Fundamentals – it’s not just eating your green! How simple daily decisions can support a powerful and lasting change to your health and well-being.
  • Everyday Health Essential for Office Life – Providing your team fundamentals to retaining health and well-being at work, integrating simple stretches, mindful tips and prompts to be used to access energy and vitality. 

All presentations are interactive, fun and empowering, encouraging teamwork and a group appreciation of options at hand. With a focus on facilitating behavioural change, all participants are gently supported to explore how they might “tweak” daily decisions to shift them closer to living, looking and feeling fabulous.

Real health, made simple!

Lunch 'n' learn

Small bites of powerful information can be shared over lunch! Bring your team together for a (healthy!) lunch and learn some wellness fundamentals that are immediately actionable! Real Health, Made Simple!


Guest Speaker

Time given to real heath and well-being training in your next conference or team meeting not only displays genuine interest in the well-being of your people, it has the potential to inspire positive and lasting change. 


Group workshops provide a forum of education as well as team-building. Health and well being focussed events empower individuals to own their health and together formulate plans to optimise it.

1-2-1 Coaching

Where individuals require bespoke and personalised coaching within the context of their corporate environment, one-to-one coaching provides a confidential and safe avenue for better health management.

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