Schools and Community Workshops

Student Wellness Support

When we know better, we do better! My firm belief is that every school-age child can be empowered to get actively involved in their own long-term well-being.  My easy-to-apply shYne framework supports mindful daily decisions for real and sustainable health. 

Community Workshops

I am delighted to be invited to participate in various workshops and health-focussed events to share, educate and empower the broader community. My focus is always to encourage people to take simple steps to move them away from ill-health towards a state of real health and vitality by “tweaking” daily diet and lifestyle decisions.  

Coming Events

Join me and the Norwich Marks and Spencer team for an evening of fashion and wellness perfectly styled together!

A brand new initiative, the evening will supply you with on-trend wardrobe tips as well as health and wellness tips to get you looking AND feeling Fabulous!

Evening of She:  18th May 2019 brings together local business women from Norwich and surrounding areas fora night of fashion, motivation, laughter, beauty & more    The evening will include: Psychic readings, A fashion show, Tropic skincare, Nutrition and health talks to be the best you, Support for to start and grow your own business and Mini beauty treatments.  Money raised will go to Together for Women and Girls, which is part of the Norfolk Community Foundation that supports women and girls to take positive steps towards empowerment and opportunity, and to challenge inequality, abuse, exploitation and disadvantage in the home, the workplace and our wider local communities.

To book, go to

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