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It’s June 2022 and it’s been a mighty few years. How are you?

For many ‘coping’ has meant a focus on health and wellbeing whilst for others refuge from the madness of the here and now has been taken in a lifestyle that is not quite as conducive to living their best life.

You’re here so I guess something is not quite right.

So, how are you?

I bet when asked, “how are you?”, you are “fine”…Right ?!

But you’re not. You’re possibly not even that….

Are you struggling? A bit worried, a bit confused?  Are you rushing through life in a in a body that’s not looking or feeling its best…?

Have you been told ‘it’s just your lot’? ‘bad genes’. Or something similar. I was. And it’s simply not true.

And now you’re here. Welcome Beautiful Soul.

Breathe. I promise I can help.

So many I work alongside find me when they are stretched, sad and (often silently) sick. Their confidence has dipped, their health is suffering and they’re not quite sure what to do to restore either.

Is that you? Have you decided “I’ve had enough?”

Would you like to get crystal clear on what’s going on and discover how to optimise your health and well-being? How to reclaim it and make it – and You – a priority?

My SHINE Fundamentals guide you to regain clarity, calm-confidence, real-health and lasting energy. They help you make Real Health, Simple!

Take back control. Re-prioritise your well-being. Re-frame your fears. Re-boot your confidence. And do it all in a body you adore! (ooooh, yes you can!)

I show you how to access real and sustainable health and live with the confidence to create real success.

It will be my absolute delight to help you Live, Look and Feel Fabulous!

Let’s do this…

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Private Coaching

For super-busy business professionals whose normal is stressed, exhausted and stuck and have decided enough of "fine"!  My 1-2-1 programmes are bespoke, developed for and focussed entirely on an individual's needs. I help my clients understand their health and happiness needs and empower them to own and honour that wisdom so they regain energy, reclaim hope and re-balance their world.

"Feeling so very good. I am sleeping well, eating healthy and sticking to your advice, using all your tips and feel better than I have in a very  very long time. No back ache, no knee pain, no heart rate rises in the night. Walking every second day and feel so so good!! Alison Ede

Workplace Wellness

The key to any businesses success is its people! And more particularly, the health and well-being of its people. I help companies take proactive and genuine care of their employees and create a healthier, more productive and more harmonious workplace. Less stressed, happy, healthy and appreciated employees take less sick leave, are more productive and generally more loyal. With a variety of Corporate/Business options, all programmes are focussed on imparting smart stress-management, nutrition and lifestyle techniques so your people are mindfully engaged in their own health and vitality so their results are their very best!

Testimonial Below

Schools & Community

Engaging with schools ensures more "future adults" are actively involved with and engaged in their own healthcare. Through workshops and class sessions that are fact-filled, fun and interactive it is my mission to arm students with my SHINE principles. They can adopt these fundamentals as well as feel empowered to take a more active role in their own well being, for life.

"When girls come and ask if we can have the speaker back into school sometime within minutes of leaving a session you know it's a hit! Thankyou Simone Gilbert for being part of our day." Helen Dolding Norwich High School for Girls

“Having met Simone locally networking, I was intrigued by her approach to health and wellness and wanted to find out if our business clients could benefit from Simone speaking at an event. After a subsequent coffee, I wanted to run a session with Simone during Mental Health Awareness Week, such was the impact she had on me over that coffee. Simone ran a superb 2 hour session for my business clients covering topics such as Stress, Confidence and Healthy Fundamentals. You will have to find out for yourself directly the content but I can say that the feedback we received from the delegates was brilliant. “Inspirational” said one, “Passionate Speaker” said another. The best validation of Simone’s knowledge and skills are what people take away and do. It is remarkable that my colleagues and customers are still practising the “top tips” that Simone gave, which is many ways is a true testament to her ability as a personal coach. I am grateful to Simone for the time she spent with us and look forward to future successful events.” Andy Gray, NatWest

What People Are Saying

“Feeling so very good. I am sleeping well, eating healthy and sticking to your advice and using your tips and feel better than I have in a very very long time. No back ache, no knee pain, no heart rate rise in the night. I am feeling great Simone. Thankyou so very much for giving me the tools to improve my well being and health so much already. I am determined and want to feel even better and I know I am capable of doing this for myself with the help I am getting from you.” 


Business Woman

Simone’s dedication to Wellness is second to none. Her intuitive nature combined with a compassionate yet firm approach ensures she gets to the basis of any health problems. She helps navigate the myriad of health routes one can take and keeps current on topical issues. Simone walks the talk and never leaves any stone un-turned to develop a personalised lifestyle programme. I couldn’t recommend her services highly enough.


Business Owner, Floral Designer

The passion and conviction that Simone shows through her coaching is infectious. In just six weeks she’s supported me to bring balance to my hectic life and gain the ‘me’ back alongside being a wife and mum. Thank you lovely lady for having faith in me. Alison Mills

Ali Mills

Business Owner


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